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Crowdfunding your Bridal Shower or wedding #Naijafundbrides

We all know how expensive Nigerian weddings can be – Introduction, Traditional wedding, Aso-ebi, White wedding, Court wedding, Pre-wedding photo shoots, Bridal showers, Honeymoon and a host of other direct and indirect expenses. We also know Nigerians are accustomed to giving and receiving cash gifts on or before the wedding. You can simplify the process of receiving donations from friends, family and well-wishers by launching a crowdfunding campaign to easily receive cash donations online. A friend could even start a fundraising campaign on your behalf to raise funds to throw you a pre-wedding party or purchase a group present. A fundraising page could also be created to receive Aso-ebi payments from all interested parties. This is a no-barrier service so no matter where your family, friends and well wishers are in the world, they can quickly make an online donation in less than a minute with local and international bank cards. When you create your campaign, make sure you share the link with family and friends by email, social media, on your invitation card or whatever means you desire. Add a short polite note and keep on reminding them. You could ask a trusted friend or family member to administer the campaign on your behalf so you can concentrate on planning your big day. Don’t forget to give updates and send Thank you notes to those who donated to your campaign.

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NaijaFund ₦200,000 Promotion Draw

Naijafund is giving away ₦200,000 to one campaign creator whose campaign raises ₦1,000,000 and above on


1] Register on the Naijafund website.

2] Create a campaign by clicking ‘Start Fundraising’ fill out the form and submit it.

3] Raise ₦1,000,000 and above on your Naijafund campaign from family, friends and supporters.

4] Join our Naijafund Facebook group here

5] Follow us on twitter @Naijafund.

Terms and conditions

1] All campaigns that have already raised over the required amount need to just join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter and they will be automatically entered into the draw.
2] Campaigns must be genuine and have a picture.
3] Selected winner will be paid with the bank account number registered the campaign creator registered with.
4] Promo ends 12 noon 20th December, 2016.
5] Employees of NaijaFund are not eligible to enter the draw nor are their relatives or members of their families or households.
6] The determination and decision of the Naijafund team on all matters shall be final and no promotional correspondence will be entered into. The Team reserve the right in their reasonable discretion:
(a) to disqualify any claimant, competitor, campaign creator or nominee whose conduct is contrary to the spirit of the rules or the intention of the promotion and to declare as void any or all of their claims or entries based on such conduct;
(b) to add to or to waive any rules on reasonable notice; and/or
(c) to cancel the promotion or any part of it at any stage in the event of circumstances beyond NaijaFund’s reasonable control.
7] The prize is not transferable.
8] No purchase of any kind is necessary for free prize draw. Follow the directions and any terms and conditions for the promotion as published on Naijafund website.

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Tips for Raising Money on NaijaFund

Once you register on NaijaFund, link your bank account to Paystack payment processor


Your Story


Tell your story. This is the heart of your campaign as you are speaking directly to donors. It should be compelling. Explain why you need to raise funds, how soon you need it and how it will be spent. Make sure you add a picture. Adding logos or blurred pictures will not help you.


Share your campaign


Share your campaign on social media. Ask family and friends to do the same. Share your campaign with your email contacts, the press, blogs, forums and people willing to support you.

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How to Raise Funds On NaijaFund

Each of us has a dream we would love to see come true one day. Most dreams need money to take off. On the other hand, life could present us with unexpected unfortunate circumstances that derail us from the road to success to a life of uncertainty and suffering. This misfortune could be turned around for the better by throwing money at it. Instead of postponing our dreams or accepting unfortunate circumstances because of lack of finances, we can turn to crowdfunding just like so many others have done, with great success.

Do you want to pay your tuition fees? Raise money for a medical emergency? Raise money to meet the needs of your children? Crowdfund your needs. Use NaijaFund.

NaijaFund is the only player in the crowdfunding world in Nigeria and has the following benefits to you:

1. You keep the money you raise even if you do not reach your goal
2. There is no penalty for not reaching your goal
3. Flexible deadline. You can choose one of three options available

Moreover you can start your NaijaFund campaign for FREE following the following steps.

1. You must be logged in to create your campaign. If you have not registered on the website, create an account by clicking the ‘Login/Register’ link and fill in your details.

2. Click the ‘Start Fundraising’ link and fill in the form completely. Make sure your story is compelling and communicates effectively with people. After filling the form and uploading your picture, click the submit button and your campaign goes live. Read our 5 steps to a successful campaign for more details.

3. The last and most important step to take to make your crowdfunding campaign is to share it on social media, by email, word of mouth, on blogs, in the mainstream media outlets. The importance of sharing your campaign cannot be over-emphasized. Always remember to SHARE! SHARE!! SHARE!!! Your campaign everyday. Good luck in funding your dreams.