Each of us has a dream we would love to see come true one day. Most dreams need money to take off. On the other hand, life could present us with unexpected unfortunate circumstances that derail us from the road to success to a life of uncertainty and suffering. This misfortune could be turned around for the better by throwing money at it. Instead of postponing our dreams or accepting unfortunate circumstances because of lack of finances, we can turn to crowdfunding just like so many others have done, with great success.

Do you want to pay your tuition fees? Raise money for a medical emergency? Raise money to meet the needs of your children? Crowdfund your needs. Use NaijaFund.

NaijaFund is the only player in the crowdfunding world in Nigeria and has the following benefits to you:

1. You keep the money you raise even if you do not reach your goal
2. There is no penalty for not reaching your goal
3. Flexible deadline. You can choose one of three options available

Moreover you can start your NaijaFund campaign for FREE following the following steps.

1. You must be logged in to create your campaign. If you have not registered on the website, create an account by clicking the ‘Login/Register’ link and fill in your details.

2. Click the ‘Start Fundraising’ link and fill in the form completely. Make sure your story is compelling and communicates effectively with people. After filling the form and uploading your picture, click the submit button and your campaign goes live. Read our 5 steps to a successful campaign for more details.

3. The last and most important step to take to make your crowdfunding campaign is to share it on social media, by email, word of mouth, on blogs, in the mainstream media outlets. The importance of sharing your campaign cannot be over-emphasized. Always remember to SHARE! SHARE!! SHARE!!! Your campaign everyday. Good luck in funding your dreams.

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  1. Happy to discover this fundraising site today in Nigeria. Iam making use of you soon. Wishing you and myself great crowdfunding success. God bless your entrepreneurial endeavour.