Naijafund crowdfunding platform welcomes advertisers.  Advertising on gives you a unique opportunity to get the attention of a very diverse group of society. We only display a very specific ad style, showing up at the bottom of the pages including the home page (4 spaces) and on the left sidebar on the homepage (4 spaces). These pages are by far the most visited on our site.

To place ads on NaijaFund, the first step is to get your ad banner designed. Your ad banner must be in transparent PNG or JPG format, 155 pixel × 145 pixel and less than 30kb in size. After designing your banner, send us your banner, website URL and contact details to [email protected], put “ADVERTISING” in the subject field. If your advert is approved, you will be sent an email requesting payment before we place your ad on our website.
Costs for the 155 pixel × 145 pixel advertisement:

Bottom of the page: ₦500,000 (per month).

Side bar:₦800,000 (per month)