Naijafund Medical Fund

Medical Fund

Naijafund has launched a medical fund that would be wholly funded by donations from generous individuals and organizations to Provide direct financial aid to sick children requiring complex surgeries as well as sickle cell anemia disease sufferers of all ages or their families.

We believe that everyone has a right to medical care and should not be hindered by lack of funds. Naijafund will select campaigns at their discretion and reach out to the campaign creators to authenticate their story.

Once verified, a financial donation will be made towards the medical bill to wholly or partially cover the medical expenses. A recurring financial donation will also be made to verified sickle cell campaigns to enable the patients buy medicines they require to maintain their condition. This financial aid will be primarily dictated by availability of funds.

Naijafund will rely on voluntary donations to fund these campaigns. Donors are invited to give back to society in a laudable way while leaving a legacy and indelible print in the hearts of persons with sickle cell disease as well as seriously ill children.