We all know how expensive Nigerian weddings can be – Introduction, Traditional wedding, Aso-ebi, White wedding, Court wedding, Pre-wedding photo shoots, Bridal showers, Honeymoon and a host of other direct and indirect expenses. We also know Nigerians are accustomed to giving and receiving cash gifts on or before the wedding. You can simplify the process of receiving donations from friends, family and well-wishers by launching a crowdfunding campaign to easily receive cash donations online. A friend could even start a fundraising campaign on your behalf to raise funds to throw you a pre-wedding party or purchase a group present. A fundraising page could also be created to receive Aso-ebi payments from all interested parties. This is a no-barrier service so no matter where your family, friends and well wishers are in the world, they can quickly make an online donation in less than a minute with local and international bank cards. When you create your campaign, make sure you share the link with family and friends by email, social media, on your invitation card or whatever means you desire. Add a short polite note and keep on reminding them. You could ask a trusted friend or family member to administer the campaign on your behalf so you can concentrate on planning your big day. Don’t forget to give updates and send Thank you notes to those who donated to your campaign.