Naijafund Debuts Affiliate Programme

September 22, 2021 0 Comments

Naijafund crowdfunding platform is proud to announce the debut of its revamped affiliate programme. Anyone can register as a Naijafund affiliate to promote our crowdfunding service. Bloggers and publications can monetize their brand to earn residual income as Naijafund affiliate partners. This is a performance-based partnership that is predicated on earning commission from donations received …

Covid-19 Fundraising

coronavirus Nigeria
April 7, 2020 0 Comments

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? The coronavirus family ranges from the common cold to MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Coronaviruses infect animals and can be transmitted by animals to humans (zoonotic). Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious respiratory disease caused by a newly discovered novel coronavirus. It spreads primarily through droplets …

Naijafund Reveals New Brand Identity with Redesigned Logo and Favicon

June 17, 2019 0 Comments

Naijafund Logo Naijafund is proud to announce the launch of our new logo and favicon. The newly launched assets are blue and orange in colour. The colour blue reflects trust and responsibility. Colour blue is the helper, the rescuer, the friend in need while the colour orange represents social communication, optimism and courage. These are …

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Naijafund affiliate marketing post image
June 17, 2019 0 Comments

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products or services. Affiliate marketing is a popular less traditional performance-based marketing tactic to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. Affiliate marketing is extremely lucrative to both brands and affiliate marketers. It …