Sokoto CoronaVirus Support Fund



Dear Potential Donor,

Note: This campaign is not initiated by the Government, we as concerned citizens decided to voluntarily launch it to support the Government.

Preamble: The rate at which COVID-19 is spreading across the globe is alarming! Nigeria now has more that 80 confirmed cases.

Although Sokoto State is not having any known/confirmed case of Corona Virus in Nigeria, it is essential that all stakeholders should come together to provide, moral, material and financial support to the Government of Sokoto State.

That would ensure the state has significant equipment and financial capabilities to prepare in advance, hence the need for all of us to come together and contribute out quota for the sake of humanity.

The donation would go direct into Sokoto State Government’s consolidated revenue account for the sale of transparency and accountability.

Prayer: Please pray for Sokoto and Nigeria, donate and spread across. No amount is too little!

Thank you most sincerely.

Nasir Daniya
Crowdfunding Campaign Coordinator (CCC)

For enquiries and emergencies you may contact (WhatsApp numbers/SMS)


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