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“Mary would like to achieve her dream of building her career to support her mother and her siblings. Help a young girl make her dream come true and be among the people that changes a life for the better”

With your help a young girls dream can come true

by Mary Adindu

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venezuela, Nigeria

Mary Adindu

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My name is Mary Adindu and I am 19  years old. I’m from the eastern part of Nigeria. I live with my mother, six siblings, and Stepfather. I am the third child of my parents.


The truth is that there are many who are quite opportune in life, but sadly, I cannot say that about my family. We have endured a lot of suffering since my real father died, leaving my mom with six little kids to train on her own. To crown it all, the country’s economy is not helping and is not putting smiles on people’s faces. There are also not many people who are interested in helping the needy. I do not seek luxury for my family. I just want to make my mom proud by establishing something good and making her endure no more suffering. My mother is a trader, in fact, she has done that all her life. Most times, she has to hawk her little products to go and meet the customers to buy them. Now that she’s getting old, she still sells products under the hot sun and rain to help put food on the table.


They say that to succeed, sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone. Yes, I want to build my career and start helping my family. I’ve gained some experience in dressmaking, and with a bit of what I can do, I can contribute to the household. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities for young people in Nigeria, so I wish to make a move where I can learn more and put my skills to the test. For now, I want to move to Venezuela where I have the opportunity to attend a fashion school to further develop my skills. I have a friend in Venezuela who has invited me to stay with her and her family while I study. They’ve offered me free accommodations.       The family name, contact and google map is found below: Familia Morales Martinez Teléfono de contacto : +58 04261416423 villa de cura estado aragua Venezuela Google maps


With this career of mine, I hope to open a decent business so that I can support my mother, especially now that she is getting old and needs a lot of rest. I would like to repay her for the years that she has labored for us and allow her to enjoy her last years. I want to do good things for her, and I know that my career will be successful with God’s help. I want to build this career and work for myself because I know that even if I go to university, I’ll still end up like many Nigerian youths who, after spending many years in university, end up carrying files around with no jobs. This is due to so much corruption in the country. The rate of unemployment is very high, and it’s not getting any lower. As of 2023, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria was estimated to be 37.7%, and the number keeps growing and is expected to end at 40%.      I have been saving money to make my dreams come true. This I have done by making and repairing some clothes for people and doing some other little jobs. I was told on numerous occasions that I have a talent for designing and making clothes.      [Photos of some of the clothes]       For me to save enough to make the move, it will take me years. I cannot do it on my own.       That is why I am doing this crown funding. I am a young black woman from Africa who wants to further her career so that she can help her family. In Venezuela, I’ll be taking a 1-year course in Mariam Academia de Diseño y Moda. After that, I’ll build my own fashion store. Below is the Instagram page link of the fashion course I’ll be taking in Venezuela: .     The cost of this venture will be as follows;  ° Visa cost $2600   ° Flight ticket $1300    ° Course $500  ° Sewing machine price $569  ° Overlock sewing machine $260      °Total cost :$5,229            I have managed to save up just $200 due to the bad economy and a lot of pressing needs and therefore need another $5029.


This is my plea for assistance to help me make my dream come true. I know that by assisting, you will not only change my life but also those of my family.


Please note: $1 = N791

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