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I am applying for financial aid because I am currently unemployed and seeking to enroll in the Google Project Management program. This program represents a valuable opportunity for me to acquire essential skills and knowledge in project management, which would significantly enhance my employability.

However, due to my current financial situation, I require assistance to cover the program fees, as I am determined to invest in my professional development and increase my chances of securing meaningful employment in the future.

Unemployed due To UAE Visa Policies for Nigerians

by [email protected]

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Portharcourt, Nigeria

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Campaign Story

Dear friends, family, and compassionate individuals,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I am reaching out to you today with a heartfelt plea for your support and generosity. Over the past two years, I have faced numerous challenges due to changes in UAE visa policies for Nigerians, which have led to a prolonged period of unemployment.

However, I am determined to turn this difficult situation around and secure a better future for myself and my family.
My Dream: My dream is to obtain a Canadian work permit visa, which will not only provide me with a fresh start but also enable me to secure stable employment and financial stability. Canada offers a world of opportunities, and I am committed to working hard and contributing positively to my new community.
Why Your Support Matters: Unfortunately, the cost of obtaining a Canadian work permit visa and relocating to a new country is substantial, and I cannot achieve this dream on my own. That’s why I am reaching out to you, my friends, family, and the broader community, for assistance.
Your generous contributions will be used for:
▪︎ Visa Application Fees
▪︎ Legal and Immigration Consultation
▪︎Relocation Expenses
▪︎Initial Living Costs
▪︎Job Search and Training

How You Can Help:
Donate: Every contribution, no matter the amount, brings me one step closer to my dream. You can donate securely through.

Share: Please share this campaign with your network. The more people who know about my goal, the greater the chances of reaching it.

Encourage: Your words of encouragement and support mean the world to me. Leave a message on the fundraising page to lift my spirits.

Offer Assistance: If you have any resources, contacts, or advice related to Canadian immigration or employment, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Pray and Send Positive Vibes: Your thoughts and prayers are invaluable during this journey.

Conclusion: I am filled with hope and determination as I embark on this journey to secure a better future for myself and my family. With your support, I believe that I can overcome the obstacles that have come my way and build a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you for considering my plea and for being a part of this important chapter in my life. Your generosity will not be forgotten, and I promise to pay it forward whenever I can.

Together, we can make my dream of a Canadian work permit visa a reality.With immense gratitude

Miracle A.