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  1. As a charity group helping people with trichoma, you can offer support by raising awareness about the condition, providing education on proper hygiene practices, organizing free eye screenings, partnering with medical professionals for treatment, and facilitating access to clean water and sanitation to prevent further infections. Your efforts can greatly improve the lives of those affected by trichoma.

Trichoma the leading cause of curable and preventable blindness

by Abbas saleh

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Abbas saleh

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Trachoma, a contagious bacterial eye infection, has a significant impact on people in Nigeria. It is a leading cause of preventable blindness in the country. Limited access to clean water and sanitation facilities, along with poor hygiene practices, contribute to the spread of the infection. Trichoma can lead to painful inflammation, scarring of the eyelids, and repeated infections, ultimately causing visual impairment or even blindness. The cycle of transmission is often exacerbated in communities with limited healthcare resources and education. Efforts to combat trachoma in Nigeria involve interventions such as hygiene promotion, antibiotic distribution, and surgical interventions to prevent and treat the condition, aiming to alleviate its impact on the affected population.