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Please give to us to reduce the rate of harmful cultural practices in Africa. Our people are religiously deceived, medically deluded and cultural disoriented. They need to change practically against male circumcision. The little as much $2 will be useful. 


by Adeola Adebowale

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Ekpoma Edo state, Nigeria

Adeola Adebowale

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Hey! This is Ade; a registered health practitioner and Intactivist leader from west Africa, Nigeria. We are coordinating campaigns against Male circum Just like the Bloodstained men in America do. We are not only campaigning or protesting but sensitizing, educating and changing the lives of people by giving to the orphanage homes, feeding people and promoting child education. The reason for this donation is to get certain items needed for our forthcoming campaigns in year 2023. We want everyone who wants to end genital mutilation to give to us to get those items. The items are; banners, stickers, customized shirts, megaphones, leaflets and face caps etc. we will ensure your donations are well used. Thanks as you believe in us to give to this organization🙏🙏

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous 50,000.00 March 24, 2023
Anonymous 500.00 March 13, 2023
Anonymous 0.00 January 15, 2023


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