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What’s a dream? Well to me a dream is something that keeps you going, even when things are tough and you feel alone but only that dream makes you smile through those odds,it makes it all worth it cause you believe that one day you will achieve those dreams and live happily ever after. Hi my name is Princess, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Nigeria, My dream is to become a famous Rapper, Super Model and Actress and I just did an online audition and passed but now I need to Travel to the country itself For a second audition but unfortunately I did not come from a Rich background and the cost of plane Tickets,Visas, Renting an apartment while we are there, Transportation while we are there andFood is very high, by we I mean me and one of my parents, please if you can help me with money to support the travel I would really really appreciate it, cause i really want to achieve my dreams.

THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance ✿

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