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This campaign is aimed at receiving contributions to fund the Naijafund medical fund program. This program is wholly funded by generous individuals to provide direct financial aid to sick children with a focus on children with sickle cell anemia. Sickle cell disease is the name for a group of inherited health conditions that affect the red blood cells. The most serious type is called sickle cell anaemia. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country is the country with the world’s largest population of individuals with sickle cell disease.People with sickle cell disease need treatment throughout their lives which so many people cannot afford. Health-care access is often inadequate, with the costs of health care borne by individuals. Health insurance coverage is about 3% and is employee based.

Sickle Cell Anaemia Medical Fund for Children

by Grace

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Asaba, Nigeria


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The main features of sickle cell disease are: Recurrent Vaso-occlusion (painful episodes called sickle cell crises) An increased risk of serious infections Haemolytic anaemia, which can cause tiredness and shortness of breath Delayed growth Strokes Lung problems The major cause of mortality in childhood is overwhelming bacterial infections, splenic dysfunction, acute chest syndrome, stroke and multiple organ failure. Overall, the life expectancy for someone with sickle cell disease tends to be shorter than normal. About 150,000 babies are born annually in Nigeria with sickle cell disease, and 70-90% die before age 5. Only a small portion of affected infants and children reach adolescence. This dismal statistic is in sharp contrast to outcomes in high-income countries where more than 90% of sickle cell disease patients reach adulthood. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70% of deaths could be prevented with a low cost treatment plan. This treatment plan is what we want to fund for children suffering from sickle cell disease to improve their quality of life and expectancy. Providing funds for penicillin prophylaxis, folic acid and hydroxyurea, which is effective in reducing the frequency of painful crisis, acute chest syndrome and anaemia can change the outlook of the disease both in adults and children. We hope you donate generously to SAVE A LIFE. For more on the medical fund, see link: Medical Fund

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