Greetings my fellow people. I am a Proprietor of Vision Academy International Aliade.

Vision academy International, Aliade was established on the 11th September, 2017 and has been registered with CAC (RC 2629077) on 13th July, 2018. The school came to existence after a deep reflection by Isaac Iorliam Uzer, of the need to contribute educationally to the growth and narrow the gap of Post-Primary Education in Aliade Community and Gwer Local Government Area at large.

Located at Plot 187, G.G. Road Aliade, Vision Academy International is a conventional school running academic programs in Arts, Science and Technology, Social Sciences etc. The concept of the school was born out of the desire of the Proprietor, to establish a fortress institution of learning that would crave for quality Post-Primary education and to narrow the gap in the pursuit of Post-Primary education by teeming Benue children, especially those who are deprived of education due to lack of funds.

The school is conceived with a vision to radically change the face of post-primary education in Aliade by providing a unique and the State-class institution of learning that will not only train and produce highly qualified children, but will stimulate the development of State’s economy through quality research and development. The school is intended to operate as a model and a distinctive institution of learning with a mission to be an intellectual force to reckon with in the areas of Science and Technology, Social Science and Arts.

I need the above sum of money to enable me carry out the school registration with the state Government Ministry of Education. I therefor, solicit your support to this project so the Nigeria Child in this part of the country will be educated. Any amount will be of help to the growth of this school.

Thank you very much as I wait to seeing your kind donations.