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The link above leads to the YouTube video where I express the extent of the deterioration of the Oama La-Liga community football (soccer) pitch in light of the fundraising campaign geared towards raising the funds required to renovate the pitch to a more conducive state…

Oama La-Liga Fundraising for Pitch Renovation…

by Oama.motw

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Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria


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Hello, my name is Ayomide (Oama) Ogunbiyi… My vision in life has always been to spark a wave of positive change across the grassroots of Nigeria in a way that will foster nationwide social reform towards a better Nigeria and football happened to be one of the avenues I discovered to be very beneficial to this vision as football is widely recognized to be a very common language amongst the populace of Nigeria & beyond.
Lack of social engagement breeds extreme individualism (unhealthy focus on self) which leads to a lack of unity in any environment/community, thereby, making the environment/community more conducive for corruption and chaos. Hence, to combat this, Oama La-Liga was created by me as a personal humanitarian youth mobilization initiative to drive massive “Social Engagement” within the grassroots of Nigeria (Lagos particularly, being the heart of the country) in a bid to ultimately foster “LSU – Love, Selflessness & Unity“, driving down the unhealthily heavy “Focus on Self” plaguing the country using the multicultural uniting effect of football (soccer).
Football is more than just a game, Football (soccer) brings people together…”. – The Overtake (, 2018.
So, over the past seven (7) years, I have dedicated my weekends to organizing football games for the youth in the streets of Lagos as a means to draw them toward my vision & message of change for a better Nigeria by exposing them to endless possibilities of a new & much better reality both as individuals and as a community.
As of now, the pitch I have been using to organize these games over the years has deteriorated seriously and there is an urgent need for a renovation of the pitch, hence, the reason for this fundraiser.
Aid me in revitalizing our communities beloved football pitch so that the outreach for change can continue. By contributing to this project, you’ll be empowering countless youths of all ages to continue to be a part of this vision of change. Let’s come together and kick off a brighter future for this country. Thank you…