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Birthed from a profound desire for national development and self-reliance, [ later accentuated by COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath globally ] the Viostel Entrepreneurial Training(VET) initiative, has steadily seen an uphill rise from being just an idea to becoming a full-fledged NGO, imbued with a passion for the stability of the nation’s economy.

“My Fight for Purpose” by VET FOUNDATION

by Viostel Entrepreneur

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Viostel Entrepreneur

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The “My Fight for Purpose” campaign by VET FOUNDATION is a hearty clamour for aid by the Nigerian Child who seeks to herness and preserve his/her in-built potential for the intent of defending thier existence and rewarding the world with their creations. It is well known that the economy of every third world country in the world suffers primarily because of its inability to be productive and resourceful for the benefit of its citizens and the global community. As a result, such a country ends up being completely dependent on other countries for survival and in turn forces its citizens to be incidental slaves to the global community. Nigeria is a country of such sad fate and to add fuel to fire, her political structure is completely entreached in corruption and ineptitude.


However, the NGOs such as VET FOUNDATION has come to understand that grassroot education is the only way to catalyse an effective change in the years to come. Hence it’s initiative of providing training of entrepreneural skills to the students in secondary schools at the post basic level (SS1-SS3). This trainings seeks to infuse first the mentality of self-reliance and economic productivity in the minds of participants. VET foundation knows that minds of children at this stage need to be supervised and trained to understand that without thier being economically productivity they are selling thier right and freedom to another country.


Second, it seeks to create the right attitude to work that tallys with the global standard and expectation in a professional environment.