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I am Mohammed Aminu, and I’m reaching out to you with a deeply personal journey that has spanned 11 years of resilience, struggle, and an unyielding hope for a better future. After a severe illness over a decade ago, one of my lungs had to be removed due to malfunction. Since then, I’ve battled a chronic shortage of oxygen, leading to my current challenges.

For the past 10 months, I’ve been confined to a wheelchair due to malfunctioning lower limbs. Medical experts recommend treatment abroad to address these complex issues and revive the life that’s been on hold. Yet, the financial burden is overwhelming, pushing me to humbly seek the support of the general public. Your kindness has the potential to be a lifeline, showcasing compassion that shines even in the darkest times. If you’re able to contribute, my account details are provided below. Your consideration and past efforts are deeply appreciated.

With gratitude, Mohammed Aminu

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Dear Sir/Ma, I’m Mohammed Aminu, and I’d like to share a deeply personal journey that has been a part of my life for the past 11 years. It’s a story of resilience, struggle, and the unwavering hope for a better future. Over a decade ago, I fell seriously ill. The toll on my body was immense, and as a result, one of my lungs had to be removed due to its malfunctioning. The road since then has been marked by the constant battle against the shortage of oxygen in my body, which has led me to the challenging circumstances I find myself in today. For the past 10 months, I’ve been confined to a wheelchair, unable to use both my lower limbs due to their malfunctioning. The medical experts I’ve consulted with have recommended that I seek treatment abroad to address these complex issues. It’s a daunting path, one that I’m pursuing with the hope of reclaiming the life that has been put on hold for far too long. However, the financial burden of seeking treatment abroad has proven to be a formidable challenge. I’ve been grappling with the weight of this situation, desperately searching for a way to gather the necessary funds. I understand that times are tough for everyone, and seeking help is never easy. But I find myself at a crossroads where I have no choice but to reach out to the kindness of the general public. I humbly and earnestly appeal for your assistance. Your support would not only be a lifeline for me but also a testament to the compassion and solidarity that can shine through even in the darkest of times. If you’re able to contribute, here are my account details: Account Name: Usman Mohammed Aminu Bank: Eco Bank Account Number: 0532019919 I know that your kindness can make an incredible difference in my life, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude in advance for any help you can offer. Your past efforts and contributions have touched lives, and I’m grateful for your consideration once again. May Allah bless you abundantly for your compassion and generosity, and may your kindness be rewarded with Jannah. With heartfelt thanks, Mohammed Aminu

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