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I believe Nigeria needs more animation companies, if you do too pls support this studio 

Independent Animation Studio

by Nelson nnawuihe

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Warri, delta, Nigeria

Nelson nnawuihe

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The world needs this

My name is Nelson I’m a student (23 years old) and I’m a Nigerian animation  film  producer with sadly no finished project yet, Ever since I was in middle school I’ve always wanted to create something  magical, something when anyone gets even a glimpse of, they would want more because it is something they have never seen before, back in middle school a friend of mine got his first laptop so he started an animation studio and asked me to join so I did,  we had a few ideas and tried to create something, but we couldn’t finish and in the we stopped, why?, because we didn’t have enough resources, we didn’t have the means to bring our creative ideas into life because of the country we live in, but ever since that day I never lost interest because I know that One day I will succeed no matter what. Currently speaking i’m working on a project that I believe is going to be Nigeria’s first animated feature film.

What We Need from you

As of now we are short on a lot of equipment, from voice over mics to rendering machines and even powerful computers.​ So pls my people we’re not asking for much, we need your little support no matter how much it is, it will go along way. pls consider this pls, the world needs Nigerian  animations

Far from home

Far from home is one  of Nigeria’s hits on Netflix, the series gained traction from many places in the world, it became a blockbuster, And the fact that it is Nigeria’s first series on Netflix I enough reason to believe Nigeria has a lot of potentials in the big screens.