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Help WordsDiva Agada, a spoken word poet, writer, community developer, and art enthusiast, get her first laptop to enhance her writing career, change her community and achieve her dreams. Your support matters a lot.


by Zaynab Agada

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Jos, Nigeria, Nigeria

Zaynab Agada

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Campaign Story

The “Laptop for WordsDiva” campaign is an initiative put up to generate funds in order to help WordsDiva get her first laptop. This campaign is created with the sole belief that a problem for one is a problem for all, and victory for one is victory for all. WordsDiva is a performance poet, writer, budding journalist, volunteer and a community builder, whose works on the girlchild, gender based violence, child abuse, democracy, family and others have been changing lives. She has been able to do all these things even without owning an effective tool like a the PC or laptop. It is in this light that we are soliciting for the sum of 200,000 naira, in order to support her dreams and the handwork she has been channeling into her career. We strongly believe that with the aid of a personal laptop, she will do better, achieve more goals and change the lives of people around her, especially in a digital world like ours. Thanks, as you support this dream of hers and invest in the future.

Name Donate Amount Date
Olojo Kosoko 500.00 June 12, 2023
Francis Daniel 500.00 December 22, 2022
Monica Agada 1,500.00 December 20, 2022
Anonymous 5,000.00 December 07, 2022