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Fundraising for one grain/legume processor machine for small startup business

Fundraising To Purchase Food Processing Machine

by Josephine Mwuese Ejimah

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Abuja FCT, Nigeria

Josephine Mwuese Ejimah

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My name is Mwuese & I’m a Nigerian woman, that’s passionate about manufacturing, business, agriculture and community. I’ve been into small businesses on the side, like poultry production and a fishery.. But on a very small scale and I was profitable, pre-covid. After the pandemic, I had to close up shop – because the challenges had ramped up significantly and even left a big hole in my savings, trying to keep up. I had to go back to my day job and try to Restructure. Getting back into  business and starting up has not been easy, with the new cost of things and challenges, but I have never given up at the hope of restarting my businesses. Over the past year – 2022, I and a partner have looked into the business of food Processing and Distribution. We have done extensive research into it, the benefits, not just for profits, but for the community/country at large. There is a very big market for export of local Nigerian foods/produce; and equally a side opportunity to prevent the constant wastage we experience of produce. I plan to use this as an opportunity to process, package and distribute processed grains & legumes for a start and expand into fruit processing later. So far, we have put together a business plan, and funding has gotten us a space and some other things. The challenge faced currently is getting the machines locally here and starting off small, saving up and expanding to more machines. I therefore come, soliciting any token of goodwill to help me meet my business goal and any investment options welcome. Your donation will go a long way into helping not just me as a small business owner, but the country Nigeria – as we intend to move into exports in the nearest future. Thank you for your support and show of goodwill. May you be highly rewarded