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“UniverseCity” is platform designed to meet the need of knowledge or experience gap in profession, interest or hobby between one user in one location and another across the globe


by Ugochukwu James

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Lagos, Nigeria

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About UniverseCity

It’s a platform designed to bridge the gap in knowledge or experiences in profession, interest and hobby between one user in one location and another across the globe by providing a common grounds for their Connection and interaction.

It’s literally a virtual center in the infinitive universe where adults, teenagers, and children in a Profession, Interest, Hobby are held separately in an interactive phase as they share experience in the light of the above while bearing the bag of (representing) their region or location across the world as they do so.

Simply put, it’s a platform that holds all in all directions of the world in one spot.

It’s nothing like what you is existing now but a modification and high organisation of what is in existence currently.

It’s envisioned to help man reach beyond his regional or territorial confines and share in the unlimited universal experience from colleagues in profession, interest and hobby across the world.

“UniverseCity”  features life activities (professions, interests, hobbies,etc) in different directions  (universal, country, state,city, area, Precinct, municipal, locality,etc) of the world.

Hence one can “Explore, Create and Connect without Limits!

UniverseCity idea has been captured and nursed for over years now. During this years, I, the visionary, together with my team (the front-end developer and two partners) have been working out the structure to reflect current user experience of social media to ensure the success of it. Because of the complexity, we were only able to achieve that last year, delivery its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and hence kicked off with the development. However, lack of finances forstalled the development at front-end level since last year till now, after it took my all savings of ($1000 and above) to get this achieved, now we’re at the crossroad of how to get funds to develop Back-end (server side) and deploy it, thus we resorted to seeking for fund through crowd funding campaign.

This project is targeted to be first tested by July,then deployed by September after testing, and as such every donation makes a difference and takes us one step closer to reaching this goal.

All potential donors and everyone who wishes to contribute could visit the projects repository on Expo platform to view work in progress(

Please Let me us know if you have any questions or you reach us with the ([email protected], [email protected], +2348068863967)

Thank you for your advance Support and assistance.


James, Ugochukwu Chikwe 

The Visionary.

Lagos, Nigeria.

For UniverseCity Team


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