With the growing population in Nigeria presently, there is a huge gap between the educated kids and the uneducated kids. There is a huge difference between Intelligence and Brilliancy, and the combination of both is POWER, there are lots of uneducated children in our dear nation that face so many challenge which can pose a threat to our society later, neglecting the fact that education is the key to freedom in our society will make the future a huge disaster, because uneducated or malnourished child will be the future terrorist, armed rubber etc. Our Goal is to provide quality feeding system and education to young children whose parents are not financially buoyant to send these kids to school, by doing this, we will achieve our aim to reduce child labour, promote education, build a better and solid future. The children of course are the future of tomorrow, Future Terrorists or Future progressive and outstanding leaders? let us decide, we have the power to bring about the beautiful future of today’s children.