TrackAm location tracking project


Insecurity is the major challenge in Nigeria/Africa. Findings from a National Survey carried out in 2014 on Violence Against Children in Nigeria confirmed one in four females reported experiencing sexual violence in childhood with approximately 70% reporting more than one incident of sexual violence. In the same study, it was found that 24.8% of females’ aged 18 to 24 years experienced sexual abuse prior to age 18 of which 5.0% sought help, with only 3.5% receiving any services.
We are a Lagos-based startup primarily targeting youth (rape, police brutality insecurities etc.) and family safety. TrackAm is a mobile application which helps to tackle these menaces amongst other insecurity challenges we face as a nation by securing members of the public.
Users add their preferred contacts, and they get notified whenever they are in trouble. This is triggered by a single click or shaking of their phone.

This part of the solution is currently available and free.

However, we are aiming to be a comprehensive digital-based security solution by providing the following in addition to the above stated features:
– Location sharing service
– Crash detection in case of accidents.
– Geo-fencing feature for parents to specify places their kids are supposed to be at different times, then get alerted when the child leaves the specified places

We would be needing funds to help us develop this part of the solution. The funds will be utilized to hire developers, rent a conducive office space as well as marketing in order to get the solution to a larger audience. The goal is to create a community that looks out for each other.