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“Unemployment, poverty, high cost of living and inequality is not an accident, like slavery, it is man made and must be removed by the actions of human beings” – Tosin Ajibare (GOLD)

Help Tosin Emmanuel Ajibare move mountains.
He is the first real youth since independence vying for a major political office.
Let us unanimously Support him, it is the only way out of godfatherism.

TOSIN AJIBARE (GOLD) is the face of Ekiti Youths in the ongoing Youths sociopolitical Revolution as Ekiti Youths have vowed to challenge the existing norms and modalities at the polls come 2018 gubernatorial election. And by God, victory is sure. Victory for the masses!


Tosin Ajibare, a Social Entrepreneur, Business Administrator, Non-Profit worker, freedom fighter, Astute Writer, Poet and Philosopher is the Director of VBTS; A consumer finance company/trading outfit and the founder of Movement for the Development of Youths and Children (MDYC); A non-profit, positive youth development organization dedicated to helping young people discover and build themselves in order to participate confidently in building communities and the society at large.

An indigene of Ikere-Ekiti, he was born less than four decades ago to the family of late Mr Ajibare Odunayo. Tosin, an alumnus of Christ School, Ado-Ekiti, holds a degree in Business Administration and Management Science and a Diploma in Port and Shipping Management from the African Maritime Academy.

Prior to him going fully into Social Entrepreneurship, Youth Development, Consultancy and Social Activism, Tosin was a director in Dortunmem Nigeria Ltd, Director in Pharmaklem Nigeria Ltd, Project Administrator at NABSCO Eng. Ltd and a Restaurateur (House of Gold).

As a Social Entrepreneur, Tosin has been like the pole star, shining and directing young adults, teaching them that what our society and generation needs now is more problem solvers than profit hunters. Through his organization the MDYC, a leading NPO, he has contributed immensely to the mental alertness of youths across the country and the development of the less privilege.

He is a fellow of the Black Nation; a network of bright and brilliant young people across major countries of the world sworn to bring true development to the African continent and save the black people from constant shame and ridicule.

Beyond work, he has written extensively on social issues to the extent of coining a dictionary along that line.
The following are some of his books to mention just but a few:

The Living Dead: The unbelievable life of
Brother Thomas: A satire on the evil of indifference.
The Black City: A city without limitations; A satire on the limitations put on the progress of the black people by the government and tradition.
The Expressive Dictionary: The True Definitions: A dictionary based on the realities of life.
Moments: Bonding your family with indoor games: A handbook of indoor games.
A lovers Tale: The Warriors’ perspective: A collection of poems depicting the three seasons of love
The Perfect instructor: Timeless morals based on Aesop fables; Teaching morals through fables.
My book of Bible riddles and Puzzles: A play book.
Opinions of a lost Black Boy: A literary work about the suffering of the black man despite being occupants of the richest continent in the world.
Origins: The Beginning and the End; a literary work that touches on the uniformity of human beings by comparing and contrasting stories related to the creation and end of man, religious and otherwise.

As a youth developer he had written and taught youths on different topics relating to youth development and empowerment; Civic Engagements, Human Development, Substance and Drug abuse prevention, Crime, Violence and gang involvement prevention, postnatal depression in men, building and sustaining youth organizations etc.

As a philosopher, he has written on almost every field the state is concerned with: Education, Health, Justice, Transportation, Housing, Agricultural development etc.
Tosin Ajibare is simply an all-rounder man; a divine resource for Ekiti, endowed by God with Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding to tackle the masses problem because he is from among the masses; A die-hard revolutionary who is prepared to sacrifice his life just so that the people can have a better life.

Tosin Ajibare describing himself in his own words:
“I am a common man with common thoughts and common sense and I have led a common and simple life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name may soon be forgotten but I have loved the people with all my heart and soul, fought that many men should live a good life even at the expense of my own life and for me, this has always been enough. My dear Ekiti people, I am not a friend of the masses, I am the masses”


1. To liberate Ekiti from parasitic leaders.
2. To usher in a new generation of leaders that fear God and respect the people.
3. To run a government where the lost hope of the younger generation is restored and fears of the older generation is erased.
4. To create wealth and development through massive investment in our people.

My name is Tosin Emmanuel Ajibare and I will be running for the office of the Governor Of Ekiti state in 2018 .
Join me on this revolutionary journey…
Thank you for your support!



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