The Dizzy Mbata Success Campaign

DIZZY MBATA LIVE-A-THONMy name is Dozie Mbata

I am an entertainer, a content writer, promoter, an artiste and a business man.

I have a particular habit of putting smiles on the faces of people everywhere. It brings me joy.

I graduated from the university of Ibadan with a B.A in theatre arts i.

I imagined what life would be like after school and it was just as I imagined, difficult.

I suffered plenty of abuse from friends and family that didn’t necessarily believe in my career choice nor did they understand my methods.

I love my family and friends non the less so to keep the peace I found myself completing  mundane and physical task daily for them  such as washing clothes, carrying liters of water up several flights of stairs daily. All the while performing and planning my escape.

This campaign is aimed at my overall and complete success.

If you find yourself reading this now, you must have smiled and engaged with me one way or another in person or online .

Here is your opportunity to show me how you appreciate that smile I placed on your face today by contributing now.

I share my everyday life on all social media platform, that’s my stage, you are my audience.

A contribution is your applause.

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Lagos, Nigeria

Dozie Mbata

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These are the details of how the money will be used below .

preparation for the Guinness world record event day to break the record for the longest freestyle in the world 

The application fee for spousal visa

Fee $1500

Air Fare (keshia and I)

after application is approved

$2000 x 2 persons

Air BnB

For at least two months if we are in the USA


If we are to still remain here and work

We would skip the air fare and take care of a place to stay for a year and purchase our equipment

Production Equipment $4,000





SD cards

I will continue to make my content and engaged with the general public until my goal is reached.

This link for this campaign will be shared on all my social media platforms,

Please share this content to help me grow the numbers, contribute daily and contribute large. Thanks



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