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This is a Training and Seed Fund project for low income community women, so as to scale up in their businesses and support their families.


by Olaide-Dafe Omoruku

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Bwari Abuja, Nigeria

Olaide-Dafe Omoruku

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My name is Olaide Dafe. I am so passionate about the growth of women and girls across Nigeria and Africa. I believe women make up half of the population on earth but sadly most of these women are not trained or empowered with tools to foster their development.

Someone once said” The best clue to a nation’s growth and development potential is the status and role of women” The role of women in any nation is very important, if not critical to the growth of that nation. When women are not empowered, this leads to a decline in growth and development  of that nation. This is why my team and I came up with the “Skill acquisition Training and Seed grant capital” to help 50 rural women in Garam, Niger State.

When we visited the community, we observed from the stories of the women the challenges they have had to face being single mothers, widows, breadwinners. Infact one of the many stories that captured our hearts, was that of a woman that had a fire accident doing her business which led to a part of her face getting burnt. Listening to this woman’s story was unbelievable and yet we could see in her eyes that she was still ready to take on the world.

Culturally, we believe that when women have good income opportunities there is delayed marriage,child bearing, lowered fertility and population growth rate. However, In the words of Kofi Annan ” There is no tool for development more effective than empowerment of women”  This tool of development is acquiring of skills- when women are trained in the required skills, they become agents of change at homes, community and the nation.

This is why we believe that with the training and the seed grants they will  get, this will change their lives and families forever. They will move from being dependent to being self-sufficient. We are given about 50 women #30,000 each to help support their businesses and the remaining funds will be used for our next community intervention.

Please we call for support from everyone to help fund the businesses of this women. The donations will go along way in helping not just the women we are about to train ,but other low income women in communities across the country.

This will help them in becoming self-reliant and able to contribute to the national economy of the country. Please Join us to be part of this women impact stories. I will be giving updates as we progress.