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Area one community library is a subsidiary of the Area one community initiative.

We believe that the placement of a library in a struggling community will help to revitalize the area.

We see the library as a great way to bring large numbers of people together who can create economic opportunities for businesses and organizations.

Libraries aren’t just about books and information; as they can also provide special interventions in the community.

Some libraries such as the Jenta Reads community library in Jos Plateau state have provided food and other relief materials to communities affected by suspected herdsmen attack.

This is because libraries are often the first to Identify local needs because they interact on a daily basis with members of a community. Therefore, it is often libraries that bring social need to the attention of the community and partner with social agencies to help address these needs.

Also, the library will be a valuable partner in helping parents with child development through the provision of collections, programs and services which allow children and other age groups to learn, explore and engage with the world and their peers.

The goals for establishing a library is the community are:

  1. To serve as a conduit to access information and to learn.
  2. To enncourage social inclusion and equity.
  3. To foster civic engagement
  4. To create a bridge to resources and community involvement
  5. To promote economic vitality within the community.
  6. To serve as an attraction to well meaning individuals who can add value to the community.

We are optimistic that these initiatives will help in no small measure in arresting some of the issues confronting youths in our community.


by George Joseph

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Area 1 Masaka, Nasarawa State Nigeria., Nigeria

George Joseph

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Campaign Story

Area one community initiative is a non-profit group of young individuals in the heart of Masaka Nasarawa state, with passion to drive positive change in their community.

Area one masaka is a blessed community. Unarguably, she is a community full of unutilized milk and honey.

Although reffered to as “The pride of Masaka”, she has undoubtedly been experiencing a setback in the past years.

This pathetic situation has been an issue of discussion over the years, as many of her problems can be best described as “Social vices” 

The decadence of moral acts in the community over the years has led to the prevalence of immoral acts such as thuggery, inaudinate ambition, forgery, theft, cultism, sexual abuse and the use of hard drugs. (All these pose threats to the livelihood and security of a community).

With no positive effects, the negative effects of these vices can never be underestimated. Do we continue on this path? Certainly not.

It is in line with the above, that the initiative is based on the goal of influencing and enriching it community through voluntary services including but not limited to educational, community engagements, social and health-related interventions that will bring about positive change in our struggling community.

Our vision:

  1. To build a community engulfed in acceptable social and moral values.
  2. To light the torch of a safe and condusive community for the future generations.
  3. To build a community that will serve as a beacon of light to other communities.


Our Mission:

  1. To accelerate education by leveraging on the power of books and the positive change they can bring.
  2. To harness the energy and ideas of youths in bringing about human and community development.