I am a 36 year old Nigerian. I am a socio-political activist. I am a member of the progressive opposituon party, Accord Party. I am an Aspirant for the Lagos State House Of Assembly seat of my local govt. I vied for this same seat in 2015 election but was unable to go into the general election for shortage of fund. I am in the race again this year for the upcoming general election.
To forestall the financial impediment that twart my political mandate in 2015, i decide to turn to crowdfunding, as this will give me the liberty and freedom for an uncompromised mandate as against getting funded by corrupt politicians and businessmen.

My state has been ruled by a small circle of elite who recycled themselves. They rule to benefit themselves and are far detached from the common man and their daily worrisome plights. I experience all these ill rule and inappropriate policies that only aggravate the suffering and entrenchment of citizen’s poverty status.
1. Factories are closing and jobs are emigrating out of Lagos state.
2. Excruciating tax burden and multiple illegal taxation, coupled with exploitative state enforcemment agents make life unbearable and the road unsafe for the common man.
3. Political representatives imposed by political God-fathers look the other way , while the people are milked of their sweats and toil.
Politics in this country has been monetized to the extent the avearge youth or the poor cannot participate except those handpicked and imposed by scrupulous politicians who they end up serving at the expense of the citizen and they do all to protect the business and social interest of their sponsor to the detriment of the larger society. 
4. Healthcare is worrisome,  as hospitals are now death house, transportation is comatose and outdated, Justice and law only protect the interest of the rich.
I aspired to vie for a seat in the Lagos state House of Assembly. 
– To fight for the entrenchment of the fundamental human rights of Lagosian.
– To push for laws that benefits Lagosians and make living in Lagos safe and life fulfilling.
– To improve and increase access to quality healthcare, education and fair Justice.
– To move for the enactment of Pro-business laws, that will fast tracked the provision of jobs, increase trade and economic development.
To achieve this, I either SERVE a godfather or raise the huge sum by myself.
A reason I am seeking for DONATION from likeminds, who are willing to entrench democratic development in the economic centre of the biggest African country  ; Lagos state, Nigeria.
The sum needed is to cover :
Nomination fee — #500,000
Expression of Interest form — #200,000
Campaign materials, Rally & adverts — #1,300,000

My legislative focus will be :
1. Entrenching the rule of law and making it work for all, irrespective of class and ethnicity.
2 . Drastic reduction in corporate  tax rate and economic-manufacturing incentives  to attract more industry and factory and also to revive rested factories.
3. Enactment of trade law to protect casualized workers and make workplace safe for workers, while they lead a fulfilling career.
4. Enacting laws that will introduce international best practice code of conduct for all law enforcement agencies towards serving the people and not exploiting them for pecuniary gains.
5. Quality education for all.
6. Gender equality.
7. Social infrastructure and public health upgrade and improvement.
I have only 2 weeks remaining to attain this donation mark so as to beat the Oct. 7 deadline for Party Candidate Nomination window.

Meeting this donation figure by 30th of September will accord me enough time to purchase form and also to fill and submit my forms before the deadline.

I will appreciate all donation and promise to serve humanity with the all of my strength and at every opportunity.

Comrade Oladeji Tosin