Saving a soul is Jesus major heart beat. It pains Him to loose any that God gives him.

We have been experiencing some growth problems recently at Women of Excellence Fellowship int’l because we are using a hotel hall for our meetings.

This was brought to my knowledge after several follow up on our members that has stopped coming. 80% of the women among them said their husband stoped them because in Africa if one sees you coming out from hotel they tag you a harlot.

That’s why l deemed it necessary to get a permanent place for our weekly and monthly meetings.

I kindly plead with you
To partner with us financially to enable us actualise this project. It pains me to see these families and women go back to sin just because of venue of our meeting after much expenses and efforts to win them into the kingdom.

Together we can achieve this Project. No amount is too small . Your 1000 naira/$3 donation or more can help/go a long way in getting Women of Excellence Fellowship int’l a permanent worship venue and putting it in order for God to continue to affect lives. More souls also will be save and God’s kingdom will keep expanding

Thanks so much for your donations &
God bless you dearly
Thanks for saving SOULS with us.