In Nigeria today, about 59,000 women die every year from pregnancy related complications; which is to say women are 500 times more likely to lose their lives during and after childbirth. Children < five (5) years of age are not exempted, as one(1) out of five(5) children would never get to the age of five(5).
The reason(s) for these worrisome/alarming figures is far above just medical reasons as poverty,low level of education or absence of it, harmful cultural beliefs/practices in conjunction with low purchasing power have been identified as the chief contributors to this social menace.
Fixing this global burden doesn't just rest on the shoulders of the government but also non-governmental organization(s). For this reason Saving Women and Children (SWAC) foundation, a registered non-governmental existing under the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria targets to significantly reduce maternal/infant mortality in the country through sensitization programs, distribution of free medical consumables/delivery packs, prenatal drugs and welfare materials to the pregnant women and children under the age of five(5).
We plan on servicing four thousand(4,000) individuals of this social group across four(4) states in the south-west region of the country (Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti).
With the help and assistance of the government, willing individuals and corporate bodies We can collectively bring an end to this social genocide.