Shelter of Love Campaigns


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From the slums of a small village in Nung Ukana, Ibesikpo ASUTAN, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, Mr. Itoro, a community village man, who is married to Mrs Patience, a petty trader in her 20s suffered from a complicated of many complex social life issues. Firstly, Mr. Itoro, who is living in a thatched mud house with a little no sources of income is suffering from a complicated ailment of mild autism. The wife during her last pregnancy, gave birth to triplets in additional to four children he had previously, making it seven children. After two months of her delivery, she yet again gave birth to another child. The Shelter of Love is therefore poised to reposition the living standard of this family, through building them a befitting two bedroom flat, help the wife with a grant to start up a business, and send the children to school.


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