Hello! My name is Joy Ike. I am the proud mother of my 18 year old baby girl, Susan. I had her while I was still in school, in my 3rd year.

I was terrified because I was not married. My father would definitely be upset. I was sure I was on my own. And on my own I could survive, but what would happen to my baby?!

I gave birth to her eventually and I had to leave my parents house. I went to live with her father. While I was completing my last two years in school, I lived with my parents because they resided within the campus where I attended school and children where not accepted in the hostels for undergraduate students.

After a year, I departed from her father finally and I brought my baby back to my parent’s house. They graciously accepted us and took her like she was theirs.

She will turn 18 in November. She is in 200Level. I could never have done it all alone without my wonderful and benevolent support system.

I know people still have alot of judgment for single mothers, especially we who got pregnant out of wedlock as you should because we are adults. However, the children are innocent. Most of the time the fathers are absent. Widows are single mothers as well. And so are divorcees – some forced to leave their home with their children to survive domestic violence.

If you do not think that we the mothers do not deserve to be supported because of our bad decision making skill and lack of better judgment, that is on us. We fully accept.

However, please see past us to our millions of children who will lack basic amenities and could grow up and become the very problems in our society tomorrow for lack of good training, education and much needed care and attention.

My parents, siblings, friends and relatives looked past me and now my daughter is one of the better elements in her generation. She has very big plans and she will make Nigeria proud. She is already making my family proud and support system have not regretted any sweat put into her upbringing. You too can have this impact on a life.

I solicit from you to fund my project. I have a small piece of land in my compound that I wish to cultivate and when the plants mature, I will harvest and sell them and use the proceeds to cater to children of single mothers around Nigeria.

I will also house lifestock like goats, chickens, rabbits, snails and fish and breed them for sale and the proceeds will be used for the children of single mothers in Nigeria. The rainy season has not much time left and the window to plant crops is fast closing.

To start off I will need to build stalls and ponds and cages; till land and plant seeds. And for that I will need N350,000. Progress will be given on all my social media platforms because I want this to grow exponentially around Nigeria and to also include single fathers as well.

Help me, help our single mothers raise children who can stand up one day and be useful to themselves, their family, their community, this country and the world at large. And ebo can make you proud. Each one will be told how they got by and when you hear their story, you know you were in it. What a legacy that lives on!

Susan is the Hebrew word for Lily. I launch this campaign in gratitude. I launch it in deep reflection and plenty thoughts of “what if”.

Together, WE CAN! THANK YOU!