Save Stephen (Kidney Cancer)




Good afternoon Ma.

My name is Jude Okechukwu Oli..

I am a brother to Stephen Chukwuma Oli.

Since last year my brother was diagnosed of Polycystic Kidney disease. We have been treating him here in Nigeria, from Port Harcourt to Abuja.

When things got worse. We had to fly him out to India with the help of the Institution he works for, family and friends for a kidney surgery. My Mom went with him. They were meant to stay just one month. They went on the 23th of January 2019.

But getting to India he was diagnosed of cancer and we had to raise money again with the help of family and friends. So it made them stay longer than one month.

After the surgery everything was fine. And they (my mom and brother) was supposed to return last week Thursday 28th March 2019 but they couldn’t return because my mom called and told us that my brother fainted so she rushed him to the hospital and he was bleeding seriously, so he was admitted again.

The doctors said he will go for another surgery to close up the wounds to stop the bleeding. . He went for the surgery and it was successful.

We have called everyone who has been helping us but their response has been cold. That is why I decided to reach out to you for assistance of any kind. I have seen how you help people through your kindness. Please Ma, if you can post this for me on your page so people can help my family.
My mother sleeps outside in the open space at the hospital because she can no longer afford an accommodation.

I can provide ANY information you want to prove this. We have test results, payment receipt, travel documents, pictures, videos. Just name it.

The hospital name is BLK Super Specialty hospital in India.

The hospital he was in Port Harcourt was Save A Life Mission Hospital.

The hospital in Abuja was Zenith Hospital and Kidney Center.

God bless you


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