Chidinma (not her real name) is a 22 year old woman who has been facing abuse from her family (especially her mother) since she was a little girl. Her mother constantly body shames her, prevents her from eating what other members of the family are eating, dictates what she wears and makes her cook and clean up after everyone in the house like a slave. Her mother has called her a mistake many times and prevented her from attending functions with the rest of the family because she has branded her disgusting and doesn’t want to be seen with her. Her needs are forgone for that of her siblings and she’s made to live like a slave in her own home. She’s the first child with siblings who she was made to raise and care for at the detriment to her physical and mental health. She’s currently depressed, battling anxiety, self harms and is suicidal. The abuse has affected her self esteem/confidence to the extent where she has panic attacks whenever she has to meet/interact with new people. The situation at home has gotten to a point that she can no longer bear so she has decided to leave home in order to save her life. She has been applying for jobs but so far none have been successful which is why she needs your help to raise money. The goal of 500,000 naira has been set to cater for her rent and well being for a year while she continues job hunting. Any amount you can donate will go a long way in saving her life.