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Dear friends pls read. The man you see here is a security guard at a car park(marina) where i buy stuffs, he is always cheerful and respectful. To us all when we come in d morning. Yesterday i met him very sick and lying helplessly nd for d first time i had a long conversation with him I realized that he earns 500naira if his able to work their daily, hence why he can’t afford a proper medical treatment. I have never been this devasted at sm1s condition. The Lil I have won’t go a long way as he has been diagnosed of Bladder infection, Ulcer and Seven Johnson syndrome (don’t know what this one is) Pls guys am trying to help this man raise money for his treatment and also to feat good food at least when he is better ( at least 50k-150k)as i and a few friends have checked him into General Hospital. Pile up of test to be ran and bills r not here oh. Pls dear friends if you find it in your heart to help someone who can’t repay you in any way kindly donate whatever you have Nothing is too small .

Pls the pics below is only for evidence that this isnt a scam, it is not by anyway intended to be a show off of charity … Thank you and God bless as you help.


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