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₦50,000,000.00 Goal

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I am Agbaizu Nnamdi a graduate of chemical Engineering. I have been working in an indigenous oil services company for about 8 years.
I have a passion of setting up a PVC pipes manufacturing industry in a ukulu, a town close to Onitsha. The choice of this location is based on its closeness to the raw material and the market. The company intends to get its major raw material ( PVC pellets ) from indorama (eleme) petrochemicals.
This company will provide solution to individuals and companies by production of durable, quality and affordable PVC pipes for domestic and industrial water supply, spray irrigation, drainage, electrical conduits, waste water management. Pvc is a plastic product which has matchless versatility. It effectively replaces wood, paper and metal in several applications. Pvc pipes have been progressively replacing conventional pipes like galvanized pipe, cast iron, asbestos etc
We intend to manufacture PVC pipes of diameter ranging from 20mm to 110mm. Our target customers include household personnels, estate developers, government agencies and civil contractors.
This project is scheduled to be completed in seven (7) months from the starting up period.
The benefits of this idea is numerous and includes; provide jobs for the masses, generating money for the government from taxes,increasing the national GDP, making affordable PVC pipes available, reducing crime in the society by getting the masses engaged, etc.

Cash breakdown
1. Purchase of Machinery $80,000
2. Building $15,000
3.Purchase of raw materials $10,000
4. Utility. $5,000
5. Staff and labour payment before break even (3 months) $20,000

Total $137,000
I will be needing the money on or before January 2018. Machinery contribution or other non monetary contributions is also accepted.

Agbaizu Nnamdi.


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