Publish my Novel


I’m fifteen years old and I just received a publishing proposal from Europe Books to publish my book. Here is the analysis:

Publishing Proposal for ‘‘Domino Effects’’
Ginevra Editor
Dear Divine Ufuoma,
My name is Ginevra Picani and I am an Editor for Europe Books. The Evaluation Committee of which I am a member read your book ‘‘Domino Effects’’, and I am glad to tell you that we would love including you amongst our authors.
With regard to this, I would like to tell you what most impressed me in your work:
I really liked your mystery-romance book as we grow up together with Dorothy and see in the first part of the book her dreams realized to participate to her much longed school. We sympathize with her well write, coherent and realistic character. She has the courage to demand something for herself and ask her domineering -authoritative father figure for permission while putting out her reason. Thanks to her rationalism and well-made speech, she is able to acquire was she wants. She enters a new life as she experience college students’ parties and all the liberties that her age allows. Things start to change as Dorothy’s been behaving weird and the book reveals its mystery tone, as is found that her father actually drugged her in order to make her act strange, to teach her not to be too proud in life and become stubborn. He wanted to wreck her life in the school to a very demoralizing level, as she feels trapped in his domineering tentacles. New adventures and thrillers unfold as she joins the Dazzler and her mom gets kidnapped, but in the end everything works fine for Dorothy, Tamayo and Nate. Overall the plot is consistent, the themes of possessive father figure and the importance of finding your own self and become an adult are highlighted coherently in the book, and the mixture of romance and thriller genres are perfectly balanced.

I have to publish and travel there for interview(s) to boost sales and fame.