Olumuyiwa Eshcol Hospital Outreach Mission



2017 Christmas and New Year celebrations are here around the corner again. I have always placed a thought on those who may not be afforded the luxury of the freedom to share the joy during this period.
I work in a hospital and many times not glad when I approach bed ridden patients in pain. Patients’ relatives cannot also afford to leave their loved ones to eat and dine with other loved ones.
Sometimes, some patients had been discharged from hospital beds but dare not leave for their homes… Why? They have not paid up hospital expenses and often times can’t afford to pay.
I have seen newly delivered babies who were detained with their mothers for not being able to pay up hospital bills.
What these people need is so meagre and can be raised by few people who have their freedom, people who desire the opportunity to give their respective little donations to such that truly need them.
You may not have the millions or billions to give out from, but you wish to share the festive season appreciating your God for life, fulfilment and grace.
Please feel free to donate as little as 1000 naira to help all those that need them in our various hospitals this festive period.
Your money will pay their bills, buy their medications, buy the lovely gifts to make feel loved, it would even give them hope for tomorrow.


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