Monica’s Physiotherapy Fundraiser


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Monica Arinze is a single lady in her 30s who had the misfortune of loosing her job 2 years ago. She was a Human Resource personnel with a Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria and had worked for about 10years. She searched but couldn’t get a new job(as is the problem in Nigeria).Thus she was happy to get a casual/contract job to train some staff for an organization in Kaduna for 6 months (May – December 2019). She set off and began, hoping that more Opportunities would come. This training involved her going to rural areas in Kaduna on weekdays and returning to the capital on weekends to report and re-strategize. One day, on the way from a village to Kaduna city, the vehicle she was in had a burst tyre. Of all the passengers, she was the worst hit, damaging her neck and spinal cord severely. She was moved from Hospital to hospital and in a few days, back to Abuja where she got proper diagnosis and surgeries. Summarily, after 3 surgeries from the best orthopedic surgeons in Abuja, she is responding and has regained the use of her neck.Her adhoc employers have spent about N7 million so far and cannot afford anything more. She was discharged a month ago and transferred to a physiotherapy clinic.
After a month of physiotherapy, she can now tilt her back slightly but is still paralyzed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair.The therapy
Costs 50,000 Naira (or $140) daily amounting to N1.5million monthly-and she needs 5 more months of therapy at the center.
Monica is keeping hope alive…and hopes to walk again with your support. Walking is an ability we all take for granted,but would mean a lot to this young lady who has no one to help her.

Please be reminded that in situations like this, time is of an essence as she may be sent out if she doesn’t pay before the month begins.

God Bless & replenish you as you give.

Thank You.


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