Medical and Water bills for Sickle Cell Patients


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Nigeria has the highest burden of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in the world and is also the top sickle cell endemic country in Africa with well over 4 million people living with this disease. A lot of which live under $20 monthly and cant afford proper medical.

The Abuja Fun Walk is being organized by iTour Global and One Lifeline foundation, with proceeds going to the support of Sickle Cell Patients

What we plan on Achieving with the funds at the 2019 Abuja Fun Walk.

1. Placing a minimum of 30 Sickle Cell Patients on a comprehensive health insurance plan. (Depending on how much we can raise).
Average cost for medical bill of a Sickle Cell Patient per year with no insurance is – $1104
Average cost of medical bill per year (Insurance) – $220

2. Drinking Water supply for 1 year for a minimum of 30 Sickle Cell Patients.
Average cost of Drinking Water per year (6 liters per day) – $546

3. A 5km Fun Walk to create more awareness on Sickle Cell Anemia

4. Genotype, malaria, typhoid, PCV, BP screenings and distribution of basic medication to patients.

5. Building a very strong Sickle Cell support group in Abuja.


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