Make Cryptocurrency Mining palatable in Nigeria


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ver the Years, since the blockchain technology came into play, a lot of Nigerian based cryptocurrency enthusiasts wanted to venture into and tap the efficiency and profitability of cryptocurrency mining.

Most Nigerians can never profitably engage in cryptocurrency mining because of the High cost of equipment, poor power supply in the country and also the High temperature of the environment will mostly affect the efficiency of the Mining equipment.

Mining Watchdog has a proposed solution to this issue so that everyone can profitably mine their favourite cryptocurrency regardless of your Geolocation.

Mining Watchdog is currently soliciting for the sum of $50,000 USD for the operations towards this venture.

No amount is too little or too big, your donations and assistance will go a long way, Let us change the world for the better.

cryptocurrency will bring light to the world and stop all the bully and middleman bullshit we get from our daily Banks.

Remember most people do not have access to the traditional banking system in their various countries, cryptocurrency is here to change that.

Let’s all help and make it happen.

Thank you.


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