Operation Light Up Modakeke and Environs

To light up all Modakeke Villages and Micro-SMEs (barbers/Tailors/small shops) and to use the facility to empower our Youths already trained on Solar Energy Systems

Empowering our villages with renewable Energy Access while also empowering our youths with related skills that they have already learned and as such making Modakeke a model and a hub for Renewable energy systems in Osun State of Nigeria.

Power is a critical components for development and information/internet access. Our people must be empowered with good and reliable access to power systems. 80% of our rural populace are in complete and total darkness. This translates to lack of access to communication facilities like phone and the Internet, educational backwardness, and a lot of other benefits that power availabilities provides for a populace.

Some of our Youths were trained on Solar Power System for the purpose of empowering them to earn a living. These youths can be engaged on a low hanging fruits of small solar powered solutions to small micro-SME shops like barbers, tailors etc. The small power system can also meet the energy requirements of the villagers as well and provide access to communication, Internet etc. Power and Internet accessibility is an enabler of people and community.

POLITICAL (from Wikipedia)
Modakeke in Osun State, South West Nigeria, with a population of close to 500,000 people.The Modakekes are also known as the “Akoraye” and have a history of valor at war and are prosperous farmers.

Modakeke men are usually known as disciplined and highly trained warriors.

To design a Solar Energy Power distribution and services to villages and Micro-SMEs in Modakeke for a start and increasing to Ife villages and some other parts of Osun State.

What are the tasks.
1. One-on-One meeting with stake holders such as

a. MAYEES Trustees
b. The Palace Contacts
c. MPU & Club One
d. Village heads and Baales
e. MAYEES Trainees on Solar
f. Local Governments and Area Councils
g. Youths and Religious Groups
h. Cooperatives (Farmers and Micro-SMEs)

  1. Development of a business plan
  2. Raising a team of youth that are have links with identified villages of Interest.
  3. Engagement with village heads.
  4. Reach out to the source of the vendors of Solar panels, Batteries and Inverters.

1. Light bulbs x 4
2. Fans x 2
3. Radios x 1
4. TV x 1
4. Phones charging points x 10

A basic 1.5KVa power system for the above items can be designed to supply a 6.4KWh energy supply system. The proposed BoQ for each site will be:
1. 320Watts panels x 4
2. 1.5 KVa inverter x 1
3. 220Ah batteries x 2

Proposed budget is ₦600k per site and a monthly payback of ₦9,750 for 5 years and a daily pay of ₦400. A ₦500 daily income for the facility can easily be attained through ₦50 charging for phones. Other facilities like Internet access can be made to run on the system providing rural banking and online payment platform to generate another stream of income. Phone users can also be sold paid WIFI recharge pins at a very cheap rates starting from ₦50 naira to higher rates for those youths that will need to browse or use the internet. All these can be created and provided for as part of the package.

Further, an micro-SME can operate along side all these facilities to generate additional income and enable the populace to earn a living. Football viewing center is also a possibility where we have football loving youths in the community.

We plan for 15 sites take-off for a proof of concept and we can confirm the functionality of this idea after 6 months, we can increase the reach. Our farming villages are more than 100 for Modakeke farming villages alone and there are many more for IFE, Owu farm settlement, Ede, Osogbo and so on.

1. We like to seek stake holders engagement through personal contacts and phone followup
2. We like to do a proper business plan that is bankable and presentable to stakeholders and venture capitalist
3. Seeks NGO funding under MAYEES platform
4. Retrain our youths as foot soldiers to drive this initiatives as power ambassadors to their villages and communities
5. Liase with vendors for the building and designs of remotely managed Solar Powered Systems. We are currently engaging two manufacturers.
6. Seek POC funding for 15 sites to be set up in a rural location to be identified through consensus and stake holders engagement
7. Creating the awareness to make Modakeke a hub for solar powered systems in Osun State.


Akinbo Akinlabi
(MAYEES Coordinator)