We belong to the Charity CDS group. Our main aim as a group is to render help to those in need. It can be in form of money, visitations and caring for the less privileged.
As a CD group, we have decided to help the Education sector around our community. Education is the most important sector in the word of today.
The school we decided to work on is Badore Primary and Secondary school located at Badore, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos State.
The following are the list of things we tend to for the school.
• Fixing and Replacing Old Benches
• Repairing Ceilings and roofs
• Repainting of the school.
We choose the school because of the State in which the school is, it is not a conducive environment for learning. Due to its bad ceiling and roofing, there are not enough chairs and tables for students to seat on.

The charity group will need your assistance in completing this project. We would be glad to have your support financially, materially, or whatever means you can support this project. This project will create a good conducive learning environment for the students to learn and at the end of the day aid in graduating students fully capable of leading our country, Nigeria.