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Don Davis, an 11-year-old JSS1 student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, was on several occasions, sexually molested, starved, bullied and mistreated on school grounds by senior students.

Deeper Life High School, Uyo, failed to properly supervise, provide required attention and protect Don Davis, a minor who was at all times, lawfully entrusted under their care or custody. Deeper Life High school was aware or should have been aware of the wrongdoings, but authorised, condoned or ratified such conduct prior to, during and after the occurrence of the wrongdoings.

Don Davis has suffered irreparable emotional, psychological and physical damages resulting from Deeper Life High School gross negligence.

This is an effort to use the legal process to seek justice and remedy for Don Davis through an NGO

Justice for DonDavis

by Liri Project

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Liri Project

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Campaign Story

On December 20, 2020, a video of Mrs Deborah Okezie, mother to Don Davis, an 11-year-old JSS1 student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, who was sexually molested and starved at school surfaced on the internet. In the video, Mrs Okezie lamented about her son’s status.  “They [senior students] will remove his boxer and push their legs and hands into his anus,” she said. “Look at a child I sent to school,” she adds, “he came back with a broken anus.”

What happened at the school

According to Mrs Okezie, Don Davis was moved from a junior hostel to live with seniors because he was bedwetting. At the new accommodation, he was bullied by the senior students, sexually violated, and his meals taken from him. As to why Don Davis had remained silent, “they said if he complained he will be a dead man,” said Mrs Okezie.

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