Is being Alive now any worthwhile?!


” Without the breath in your lungs – you obviously won’t be reading this “.
I can’t tell just how naturally you’re finding yourself agreeing with this.

Imagine spending hours in queues; Feeling
very tired, hungry, very empty – just to vote a Government.

Working hard to create a good life for yourself & the ones you love — just for an untouchable-man in a uniform to take it all away. . . Confidently acting based on the impunity the government you Struggled for handed this group.

& As you are becoming aware of the growing sensation of feelings of pain, anger, & disappointment rising inside you _ now… Breath by Breath, thought by thought:
I’m not sure just how naturally you’re finding yourself realizing ” This needs to stop, & It could Stop “.

” The ocean isn’t just the Ocean — drops form the ocean “.

I wonder… Just how better you’re becoming at being aware of this new thoughts, feelings, sensations & mental imageries you’re having.
And now, sooner — how good you’re becoming at being more aware of how much more you’re contributing to the struggle for ‘ Safety & Freedom. ‘

— what time are you seeing this?

And, Seconds, Hours & Days after you’ve enjoyed the excitement of progress…
You can Look back & wonder at just where, when & as to why — you’re enjoying the pleasure of this new passion & even greater the Sense of accomplishment as to how much satisfaction your contribution is bringing you.