Help Seun keep his dream alive


Seun is a fresh graduate from a reputable university with high hopes and big dreams about his future.

After finishing from the university, he knew the course he studied can’t get him a good job, so he started taking online courses, acquiring technical and soft skills, but to do that he needed money so he took loans and did menial jobs to help sustain himself during this period and keep his dream alive. He had a set date to get a good job and pay back his debt but as we all know, the pandemic happened, Seun was forced to take more loan to survive, he sold his belongings just to keep by but now he can’t keep up anymore.

I, Seun was saved from the verge of suicide because i couldn’t clear my loan. So i have decided to plead to Nigerians for help. As little as 100 naira or even a job can make a difference and keep my dream alive.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.