Help my mom continue her treatments


my mom is hypertensive, she have swollen legs and is having difficulty in breathing. On the 12th of October I took her to the hospital and quickly looked for money so that she could be admitted because she had a very low pulse rate. We ran tests for anaemic heart failure and she is diagnosed of stress cancer too. 

Treatments have started and she has been responding positively and I have been asking from help from different persons coupled with the money I have been saving to get to school when school finally resumes. At this moment I dont have any money on me anymore, to one to help me and no other options at heart. 

The doctor assures that if the treatment continues she will be very much better and I need support to help her go on with her treatments, this money will cover her treatments and also cover for other expenses like discharge and bedding and futher drugs and food. It will go a long way for a donation.