Help me start schooingl and have a business to support my schooling.


Hello, my name is Erica and I am fundraising money for university and having a steady business.I don’t have a family to support me, so I am raising myself up by doing dropshippings and working hard. Sadly it is still not enough to cover school fees.
One day I hope to become a lawyer and help those who society has forgotten: the homeless, disabled, and elderly. I work for myself by getting little commission for bringing customers, and am currently looking to start a full time business but its very hard especially as I don’t have help from any angle.

The money will solely be used for paying my tuition fee and starting a wholesale thrift business and I need the money before the end of the year so I can create a good customer base especially as it’s getting to festive season. If I have the chance to start a business while I enroll into a university,I will be more than grateful. Going to School and studying law is going to be a dream come true and will bring out best me.