My name is Edith Joseph. On the 19th of June 2019, I got a call from MERIDIAN HOSPITAL in PORT-HARCOURT where we are based that my husband had been shot in the neck by armed robbers, his car stolen and that I needed to come sign some papers before they could think of surgery. I rushed to the hospital and met him unable to speak with bandage round the neck. The consultant on duty that night said they would bring in surgeons from the teaching hospital (UPTH) and we were given the bill and asked to make a deposit which we did. We were later referred to the same teaching hospital where the surgeons that had been referred to us work. Several x-rays were carried out to ascertain if there was internal bleeding. We were discharged and were told to come every two days to dress the wound to avoid infection. We were always visiting and dressing the wound. We were given medication on every visit we made to the hospital. He is presently still carrying the bullet close to the spine. And it’s giving him adverse reactions. We have stopped going to the clinic for check up for a while due to financial constraints. He’s been wearing the cervical collar for a while and still does to keep the neck steady and to enable his movement.

We have spent all we have on saving his life. For six months I have been struggling to take care of his medical bills. He’s not been able to go back to work. We are pleading with Nigerians and the world to help him get back to his feet again so he can cater to his family.

Please we would be grateful if you can  help us meet this target.
God bless you as you help us.