Help for amputation and bladder surgery




Mine humble greetings;
Dear Sir/Ma
My name is Oyebobola Samuel Ige. Am from Ondo State, base in Lagos State.
I was involved in a road car accident on 5th of May, 2010. During my HND days at Lagos City Polytechnic, Ikeja Lagos State. which the accident affected my spinal cord and i also got my left leg fractured.
I was rushed to a nearby hospital so I could be revived. I was later refer to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH); where only surgery was done on mine fractured leg, which an implant was fixed and later removed after some time in the hospital.
I was later flown to India in 2011 for surgery of my spinal cord injury. But getting to India, after series of test and another MRI SCAN was carried out at the INDIA hospital(WOCKHARDT HOSPITAL), the doctor said he can’t go on with the surgery not to cause me more damages in order not to get mine hands paralysed. He said i will spend the rest of mine life on wheelchair.
Mine fractured leg which refused to heal after the first surgery was done at LASUTH, has been hell on me with serious pains and sleepless night. Have been taking series of antibiotic drugs, but yet still gushing out pox in different holes on my leg. It causing me serious pains and sleepless night.
Am crying for help personally to you to enable me embark for another surgery to cut off(amputate) mine leg so I can be free from pains; and keep living with mine spinal cord injury nerves pain alone.
Am also still having difficulties with mine bladder and bowel; in passing out urine and motion; which bladder surgery is also required.
TWO SURGERY for financial assistant I humbly plead for;
1. Surgery to cut off(amputate) mine fractured left leg that is still bringing out pox seriously in different holes.
2. Bladder surgery to ease me of bladder pains and to enable me pass out urine very well without pains.
I intend to travel out to get the surgery done.
After consulting mine hospital to have the estimate of the surgery and other medical check up. They were able to sent me an estimate approximate of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000), which other cost are not included as stated in the hospital estimate bill. They subject mine stay for two weeks, which after may inquire extra charges that might be possible if other check and surgery are done and mine recovery is slow to return back to the county.
The estimate given was at the present exchange rate of dollar in INDIA, which I will bear the increment if the rate increases.
Exclude from the charges are state below;
1. Visa processing fee
2. Airline ticket fee
3. Charges of mine accompany
4. Another MRI fee
5. Other medical check and surgery if need be.
Am humble pleading and believing you can help me with your financial support to enable me achieve a successful surgery trip conveniently without having any financial issue pre and post surgery.
Please am humbling seeking for your kind heart to help me financially to get the surgery and medical check up done.
Am believing GOD can use you to help me relief mine pains and sleepless nights. Am in serious pains!

Am humbly seeking for $20,000. To cover the surgery, any other medical issue that may spring out and other expenses not included in the hospital bill.

Mine phone number;
Mine account info;
Name: Oyebobola Samuel.
Acc/No: 3801234507
Looking forward to your kind response and GOD BLESS YOU.
Many thanks!
Oyebobola Samuel.


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